Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gummint: Incompetent and Stupid, Too

Wiggy points out Example # 2 of Gummint's inimitable stupidity.

The state and counties are supposed to require applicants to verify that they were uninsured for 12 months, however, nothing in their marketing of the plan informs potential enrollees of that requirement, and more egregious, is that this information isn’t even asked on the Badger care application form.. How can they enforce the requirement if they don't even ask applicants the question? For the insurers that have to process these applications, it doesn't appear they are able to determine if prior coverage existed. Is the State asking this question verbally? How can they possible verify that these 70,000 enrollees were uninsured for 12 months?

Most of us are already well-acquainted with Example # 1 of Gummint's imimitable stupidity.

Last week, Gov. Jim Doyle announced that seven Wisconsin counties, including Milwaukee, had become eligible for disaster FoodShare benefits, a federally funded program...Federal rules do not require applicants to provide proof of either flood damage or income, according to state Department of Health and Family Services Secretary Karen Timberlake.

"Inimitable" is, of course, the wrong word. Obviously, the Gummints imitate each other.

"Un-frickin-believable" might be a better adjective.

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