Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "DUH" Study for USCC--"Don't Blame Homosexuals"

From John Allen's reporting on the US Bishops' Conference proceedings this week:

Smith told the bishops that researchers are beginning a study of the clinical dimension of the crisis, looking at how treatment centers responded and what has been learned. Among other things, she said, they’re interested in knowing whether “risk factors” for sexual abuse can be identified with an eye towards developing a “screening instrument” can be developed to help flag potential abusers.

...[Archbishop Elden] Curtiss also expressed concern for how the results of the research will be presented to the public, in light of what he described as misleading impressions about the church’s response to the crisis. He specifically cited a belief that the bishops are “shifting the blame to homosexual priests.”

“That would be wrong, and we shouldn’t be doing that,” Curtiss said. “It would be unfair to homosexuals.”

Yah, right, Your Grace. Here's the John Jay summary:

Unlike in the general population, more males than females were allegedly. In fact, there was a significant difference between genders, with four out of five alleged victims being male


The majority of victims are males between the ages of 11-17

We remind Your Eminence that priests are MALES, and EIGHTY PERCENT of the VICTIMS were MALE.

We sure can't blame homosexuals for that, can we, Your Grace?

So--how many dollars from the annual Catholic Charities appeal will pay for the new study which 1) will develop a "screening instrument to prevent future abuse" and that 2) will NOT find homosexuality as a problem?

You must be kidding.

By the way, Your Grace: the only OTHER people 'to blame' for this are the Seminary Rectors and Bishops who ordained homosexuals, contrary to the specific instructions of Rome.

It's not "either/or." It's both.


Jeff Miller said...

Now if we could come up with a screening process for weak leadership to screen bishops that are willing to pass the buck to other parishes or to psychiatric treatment that certifed abused to come back and work in parishes.

Dad29 said...

In Milwakee we know about Weak[land] leadership.