Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun With Open Carry in Milwaukee

As an update to my entry below, here's an interesting little tale.


(May 4): I've noticed that there seems to be no one in Milwaukee willing to get the OC started, but I was never one to wait for others. So I am going to start open carrying around Milwaukee County in particular the City of Milwaukee. I am a 6'3 280lb Hispanic Male with very long hair and a big beard( almost no mustache,weird). i almost always wear black and i always without fail wear either a big black leather coat, black hooded sweater, or black wind breaker. I have a black thigh tactical holster for my Taurus PT92 pistol(only the thigh holster would be considered open carry with my attire). since there are so many schools in Milwaukee walking from place to place is out of the question. I've decided only to go to places that have an entrance from their parking lot as it is considered private property and is exempt from the school zone restriction. Please note that I have read a lot of your posts and understand that my attire and way of grooming are not what you would advise but I don't believe i should be dressed a certain way to exercise my right to bear arms.

The guy got his wish.

(May 14): Ive just been arrested for open carrying, then the charge was changed when they couldnt find that its illegal. (Later, same day): i was TOLD that i was being aressted because i couldnt have a weaponh then it was changed to disorderly conduct while armed, I am not IN JAIL, i was let go cause i wanted a lawyer so they gave me a piece of paper and sent me home and told me to meet the DA on tuesday

Now the comic riots start:

(May 22): to sum it up most DAs going thru the case decided it was not DC but none of them were willing to let it go because its a "weapons case". They kept on passing it over to other DAs until one finally said its DC but by that time there was a big stink around the DAs office and they had to have a meeting about a meeting that had not taken place. Ultimately nothing was decided except that I should either "choose to be charged" or "return on June 4th". So pretty much im waiting until June 4th to have the meeting I should already have had.

They still have his gun, magazines, etc. No further updates have been posted.

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Anonymous said...

This Adam Gonzales guy is a retard. This guy just wants to run around town wearing his pistola, feeling like he is the neighborhood bad-ass.

What danger was there in Menards where he went armed? He was stupid enough to listen and believe what the self proclaimed, internet attorneys and legal experts tell him over at the message boards.

Section 105-34 prohibits anyone from going armed in a public way in Milwaukee County. He thought he was “special” and did not have to obey any silly ordinances. He thought it didn’t apply to him.
Silly rabbit, rules are for idiots.

Riddle me this; what person openly carries a firearm to a hardware store? Answer: Someone who has something to prove. But what did he prove by having his gun taken away?

What if he was at, let’s say, a convenience store standing in line with his gun, Pepsi and Frito’s and two nefarious characters came waltzing in with bigger guns? What do you think would happen? Well kids the two bad dudes would have spotted his gun or worse yet the bad guys find out he has a gun while inside and decide to kill people other than the target with the gun.


Or better yet, did our hero know that someone may want his shiny weapon so that person knocks him on his ass and takes it because……you guessed it, he has no training in how to be aware of a threat to steal his gun and worse yet, no training in how to keep the damn thing. I mean let’s face it, he just has a gun. He is not insured like Private Investigators or Licensed Security Persons.
He’s not trained in how to keep his weapon, he does not maintain a “persona l knowledge of Defense and Arrest Tactics” or DAT for short. He couldn’t be trained, he is not a professional. He is not drug tested in order to meet one of the requirements of an Agency. He is not insured so if our intrepid goofball were to shoot someone, aside from becoming Jail House Mary, he will be responsible for the family he damaged. For the rest of his natural life any money he makes goes to the families of the people who sued him. 33 1/3% for life, almost makes you want to die, heh?

Think about it, training costs money. Lot’s of money, once paid for there is insurance and now a days you have to prove to an excess line you are worthy of protection. You have to be trained.
In a society that has CCW laws that permit the concealed carry of a firearm, know one knows who has the gun….neet huh?....see that’s the idea. Carrying a gun on your hip is dangerous . See the State of Wisconsin and the various sub-divisions of law know that. That is why they have laws.

Alass…I know that you will think me stupid, yet somehow I feel better. I guess it is because when I go to interview an inmate at the House of Corrections, I get to leave, the guy with the gun doesn’t.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this guy in Menards. Who in their right minds would need a gun in a Menards??? Maybe the big bad wood monster was there...

If police officers, armed security personal and private detectives and even those who live in CCW states are required by law to be trained and certified to carry a dangerous weapon on the streets of Milwaukee, then these wannabe gun carriers should also be required to have some training and certification before they are allowed to walk around armed. Christ, even hunters are required to go thru a training course before a hunting license will be issued. Untrained people walking around the streets is more dangerous to the community at large. That’s all we need is a shit load of untrained yahoo's walking around with a dangerous weapon.

Mr. Angry makes valid points…..

1. Most are untrained in self defense with a firearm.

2. Most , if not all these yahoo’s don’t have any training in defending their weapon from being taken away or trained how to react in a shooting situation.

The yahoo’s at these pro open carry message boards are only people who want to walk around carrying a gun. They probably sleep with one too. It’s not so much about carrying a firearm for protection; it’s about walking around with a gun feeling like a bad ass. Nobody can mess with me now because I have a gun. Or it is the “Hero” syndrome effect. They hope a robbery happens in front of them so they can pull out their gun, stop, kill the bad guys and become heroes.

And point 3, what if they shot a innocent bystander or it is a “bad” shooting? Do they have the money to pay for the hospital bills? What about the law suit that’s guaranteed to be coming the shooters way? That’s going to cost a lot of money. Are they insured? No. I doubt if any insurance company would even insure any of these untrained, gun tooting wannabe gun slingers.

This open carry movement is stupid. They should concentrate there efforts for CONCIELED CARRY, not open carry. Open carry is more dangerous than concealed carry. Statistics prove this.

I'd rather see CONCEALED CARRY in Wisconsin, not this open carry BS in the Milwaukee area. Too many nut bags running around that city.

I say if you want to carry a gun in public, the you should be trained. Period!

Dad29 said...


OC is not my style, either.

As to the lawsuits, etc., yadayada, the very same questions can be asked about CC.

And guess what? In CCW States, there are few, if any, problems. Perhaps it's the training. Perhaps not.

And, by the way, "nutbags" reside all over the USA. They're about 5% of the population everywhere.

Criminals are, however, concentrated in urban areas.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Adam Gonzales was an idiot for going armed into a Menards in West Milwaukee. There was no legitimate reason for Gonzales to strap on a dangerous weapon in order to buy some bricks. There was no danger to his life at Menards that would make it “reasonable” to go armed at Menards….PERIOD!

When asked directly, Gonzales could not come up with a “reasonable” answer why he went armed into the store except that he “felt threatened”. Then if he felt that threatened by going into Menards, then he shouldn’t have gone there then. He could of gone on another day or go to a safer Menards. There is another Menards only a few miles away in West Allis. He just wanted to be a big shot, attempt his armed adventure and then brag to his friends how he got away with it. Gonzalez is not telling the COMPLETE story. Go to the West Milwaukee police station and ask for a open record request regarding his case. Read the arrest report. Decide for yourself.

Unless you work, live, or in general, have to be in a dangerous neighborhood where there is a reasonable threat against you by being there, then it is reasonable to go armed in order to protect yourself.

Too often too many people just want to be a big shot by going around wearing a firearm. What if someone wanted to take the gun away from the guy walking down the street wearing his gun? Does he have any training to protect his weapon from someone who wants to take it away, forcefully if necessary? 99.9% of you have to answer no. Anyone who wants to go armed in public should have training. Not this 3 or 4 hour CCW training in other states. It should be standards, training and time that’s required for police officers, PI’s & security people. People should go thru a minimum of 35 hours of class & range time and be required to be re-certified every 3 to 5 years. The last thing I need while I’m on the streets is an untrained person squeezing off shots all over the place. And for that reason, I think anyone going armed in public should also carry a liability insurance policy in case they accidently shoot the wrong person.

If someone is going to go armed in public, it should be done “CONCEALED”!