Friday, June 13, 2008

Propaganda Points from GITMO Trials

Following SCOTUS' decision, there will be some effects. CounterTerrorismBlog notes a few--one of which is this:

...the conglomeration of all anti-American political forces, including many radical circles within the United States, will unleash its attacks against Guantanamo and what it represents, meaning the existence of the "War on Terror". A significant ideological segment of the political establishment in America has been pushing the slogan of an "orchestrated war" which must be ended. To them, the trial of the terrorists in Guantanamo is an opportunity to bleed U.S. efforts in the confrontation, thereby enhancing their own domestic political fortunes and agendas.

The circus' outline:

...the "team" on the inside of the courtroom will unleash any and all statements needed to create the environment for a martyrdom case: istishaad. They will claim the tribunal is not legitimate, the Guantanamo process is not legal, the procedure is not acceptable and that they want to receive the death penalty so they may become shuhada, or martyrs

...the campaign will target American credibility and the concept of a war on terror. Some of the statements by the defendants will be stressed, such as "we do not recognize your laws, but only Sharia."

Most of the propaganda will be directed outside the USA--but not all. There are plenty of useful idiots inside the US.

Several of them are Wisconsin bloggers...


Other Side said...

It's a good start that you begin to notice your own shortcomings, daddio. :)

Dad29 said...

Actually, I don't have to notice them.

I am married; all my shortcomings are neatly listed and categorized, cross-referenced and in alpha/numeric order.