Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Common Sense of LawDog

LawDog is, perhaps, the best humorist since Mark Twain--or Will Rogers, who would be a closer match.

Perhaps that's because he also has a lot of Common Sense.

ICE [In Case of Emergency] numbers are great -- if you leave your phone unlocked.

If you leave your phone unlocked so as to allow access by strangers in the event of an emergency, all of your personal information is accessible to any critters with sticky fingers and a loose interpretation of property rights.

Personally, I find the best idea is to grab a blank business card, write the name and number of your emergency contact on it, laminate it, and put it in your wallet or purse behind your drivers license -- or just put it in a pocket. Those are the first places emergency types look for ID anyway.As always, your mileage may vary.

Of course, if you are disabled enough that you can't lock your phone-keyboard, ...

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Anonymous said...

Except the emergency types don't look. They let the hospital staff do that.