Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama The Lying Sack (on Guns)

The Obama lying continues--

Yesterday, he disavowed "a staffer"'s statement that Obama concurred with DC in its ban of handguns, and went on to say that he's just all ducky with Heller.

This story belies that crap.

Demarr lived in the tony Chicago suburb of Wilmette, which banned ownership of handguns, even if kept in the home and used only for self defense. But in December 2003, when a man broke into his house, Demarr used a pistol to shoot him.

Even though the man was inside Demarr’s home and trying to rob him, Demarr was charged by local police with violating the handgun ban.

That, of course, produced much outrage. Within a few months, the Illinois state Senate took up a bill that would have granted an individual an “affirmative defense,” or a legal justification for violating local gun restrictions if they were acting in self-defense.

But when the legislation came up for a vote in the Senate, Obama was one of 20 who voted against it—and homeowners like Demarr who used guns in self defense. Thirty-eight state senators voted “aye,” and the bill passed the state senate.

Oh, yes, there's more:

By May, an amendment from the Illinois House added the right of an individual to violate local ordinances banning handguns “when on his or her land or in his or her abode or fixed place of business.” That version went back to the Senate, and Obama voted against the bill a second time in its amended form, though it passed the Senate again 41 to 16

Obama never showed up for the veto-override vote (which also succeeded.)

While I understand that Democrats are inclined to favor their candidate, it's more difficult to understand exactly WHY they do.

HT: RedState

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Billiam said...

Because he's a Democrat. Just like robot-repubs will vote for McCain. Sheep. This is what the majority of the country have become. Bleating sheep who need mommy to watch over them. Enter Obama, or any liberal dem or rino.