Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bradley Foundation's New Director

We are advised that George Will has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Bradley Foundation.

Wonder what Old Man Brady (Brady Label) and other ex-Board members might think of Will, given this withering fisking of his asinine column praising Boumediene from Powerline.

...He [Will] also mocks John McCain for asserting the decision to be one of the Supreme Court's worst. Will disagrees, citing Dred Scott, Plesssy, and Korematsu (the internment case, with respect to which Will refers to "concentration camps"). Will omits Roe v. Wade from the list, but Boumediene is similar in quality to Roe. It is an act of usurpation and an exercise of raw judicial power that conflicts with constitutional tradition and history as well as the Court's own precedent.

Will assures us that that the five justices who joined in the Boumediene decision are not fools or knaves. Roe enlisted seven justices in the Court's majority opinion. The biblical precept that you shall know them by their fruit, however, applies to Supreme Court justices as much as it does ordinary mortals. By that standard, the five-member majority may not be evil or stupid, but it has committed an act of judicial imperialism with incalculable consequences for the conduct of the war in which are engaged.

And now for the cruelest blow:

He hypothesizes that some "clever ignoramus" persusaded McCain that he could make the Supreme Court a campaign issue. A "clever ignoramus" is one step up from a fool or a knave, but why is Will so sure that the putative McCain staffer is less learned than Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

We can always hope that Will's input at Bradley will not include legal issue-advocacy.

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