Monday, June 16, 2008

The Second Amendment's Value

Grim defends Jim Webb's stance on the issues of war and peace as a counter to Obama's apparent pacifism.

But the line which reminded me of the real reason for the 2nd Amendment is this:

A good liberal ought to know that, in fact: the US Army's principal business from the end of the Indian Wars to 1900 was breaking strikes by early unions. If it doesn't do that now, it is chiefly because citizens fought back both through politics and in fact. These violent citizens -- perhaps they would be more sympathetic to TNR if we called them "the workers" -- are owed something better from the modern liberal than a refusal to glorify them, or to scorn them as "violent," though they certainly were violent. Every political power the liberal has to exercise is founded on that resistance, the organizations and machines it built. Every subsequent success came from that, and rests on it.

That should certainly resonate with folks who live in Bay View.

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