Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forget About Christmas Presents: You're Paying MATC

If the rapidly rising costs of gasoline, electricity, natural gas, ammo, and food weren't enough to break your Christmas-club account, MATC will.

Milwaukee's second-most-greedy school-taxing organization will hit you for a 5% increase in taxes. And, of course, they will take your money at the point of a gun.

The Milwaukee Area Technical College Board on Tuesday night unanimously approved a 2009 budget that increases the property tax levy 4.9% — an increase that means the college has boosted the levy 31% in the last five years

...The overall budget increases spending 6.2% from what the college budgeted for 2008.

...Health care costs went up significantly despite the school’s efforts to suppress them...fewer employees opted for the preferred provider organization than expected.

As to the last item--read "DUH!"

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