Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dumb Moves: Obama

It occurred to me that Obama's race-injection will hurt him. I wasn't the only one.

The MSM moves fast. Obama plays the race card Friday and by Sunday, the Washington Post has a 1,200-word feature to corroborate Obama's message: Anybody who doesn't support Obama is a neo-Nazi racist.

At some point -- probably Nov. 5 -- Democrats and their media pals are going to figure out what a politically disastrous tactic this is. Ordinary Americans who might be willing to vote for Obama, Crusader for Change, are likely to reject Obama, Victim of Racism.

The worst thing about the victim-of-racism message is the effect it will have in reinforcing the arrogant self-righteousness of liberals, like the blogger who put up a 1920s photo of a Klan rally in a post attacking conservative bloggers. Now that the candidate and the media have told liberals they're waging battle against racist troglodytes, you'll see a level of unhinged viciousness that makes Bush Derangement Syndrome seem like a mild neurosis.

As to "arrogance," the faux-Presidential seal now sported by Obamamamama's podium says it all.

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Amy said...

I'd like to see someone with a backbone get Obama on the seal. It is wholly illegal to make a replica or take-off on a national symbol.