Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moderate Pubbie Bites the Dust

Chris Cannon (R-Utah) lost his primary to an actual Conservative.

A groundbreaking grassroots organization built by challenger Jason Chaffetz combined Tuesday with a growing storm of Republican discontent to sweep six-term Congressman Chris Cannon out of office.

Chaffetz handily defeated Cannon, earning 60 percent of the vote to land the Republican nomination for Utah's 3rd District seat in Congress, a seat held by Cannon since 1996.
"I got a nice call from Congressman Cannon wishing us all the best. That was a sweet call to take," Chaffetz said after 200 supporters greeted him at 11 p.m. with chants of "Jason, Jason, Jason."

Unhappy Republican voters stayed home Tuesday, and those who did vote expressed their frustration with $4 gas and other problems. Cannon termed it a revolution, a sign that the anger that swept Democrats to power in Congress had lapped up on Utah's borders

We have to get serious about $4 gasoline, fiscal discipline and the illegal immigration problem in America," [Chaffetz] said.

Cannon turned into a Demican about 1 year after taking office and has been a disappointment ever since.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, Chris.

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