Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hines and McGee

One of the audiotapes of McGee's phone calls includes interesting language.

He told some mark or other that ' trying to put me on the license committee,' after which he observed that '[it] will make me more powerful.'

Correct me if I'm wrong here.

Wasn't Hines running on a "St. Willie" platform, maintaining a circumspect distance from McGee, and talking tough on crime?

If so, then why would Hines "try" to put McGee on Licenses?


Anonymous said...

Well, based on Charlie's Sunday Insight show today -- and I've talked to a few aldermen who have said this in the past -- Licenses is not a sought-after committee, by any means. Apparently, Finance and ZND have the most power, and McGee was not on either of those. Pres. Hines told Charlie today (on the show) that Licenses is a "right of passage" that all new aldermen have to go through. That makes sense, actually. If you ever watch Ch. 25 (city channel), the License hearings go on FOREVER -- well into the evening. One ended at 8 p.m. recently, as I recall. They have to take so much testimony from residents that it just goes on and on and on. I also noted that Kovac and Coggs (two new alders) are on Licenses now.

Of course, McGee made it seem like the License committee had a ton of power -- especially when he was talking to foreign-born storeowners who didn't know any better. But, I think I'd trust Hines over McGee...just my own opinion. ;)

Dad29 said... St Willie knew nothing whatsoever...nothing....about McGee's proclivity for extortion.