Monday, June 16, 2008

Nobody's Senator: "Not in MY Back Yard!"

Capt. Karl, a Wisconsin bloglodyte, asked Sen. Kohl about drilling for oil in the USA.

The answer, of course, was "Screw you, you proletarian schlepp!"

But the first graf (plus one sentence) of Kohl's letter was interesting:

Our national wildlife refuges were created in 1903 and later expanded by the Roosevelt administration. Today, our national refuges are threatened because of several laws passed in the 1960s that allowed “secondary activities” on refuges, including oil and gas drilling, timber harvesting, grazing, farming and commercial fishing.

I have been very active in protecting this pristine wilderness from drilling in the past

Perhaps the Senator's opposition to domestic energy-seeking is a case of NIMBY?

The senator also owns a multimillion-dollar horse-breeding ranch near Jackson, Wyo., and other real estate

In any case, Herbie's $164K/week income should carry him through the $4.++/gallon cost of gasoline.

Good for him--and screw you, you impertinent vermin.

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