Wednesday, June 27, 2007

REAL Money: Building Contracts for the State/CORRECTED

Owen noticed the following "earmark" in the Wisconsin budget:

Building Program – UW System Residence Halls

Restore six UW System residence hall projects to the 2007-09 building program that were deleted from the Building Commission’s recommendations under the Joint Finance Committee version of the budget. Provide $205,614,000 of program revenue supported bonding for these projects, which are shown in the following table.

o Parkside -Suite Style Residence Hall $17,740,000 PR Bonding

(The Parkside building is only one of several.)

You don't have to look too far to find one of the 'Interested Parties' in the game here. This record is for donations in the 2006 campaign cycle:


Committee to Elect a Republican Senate $3,000.00
Gasper, Greg $250.00
Green, Mark $10,000.00
Hundertmark, Jean $500.00
Kramer, Bill $250.00
Leibham, Joseph $500.00
Leschke, Julie Pung $250.00
McReynolds, William L $600.00
Murtha, John $250.00
Ott, Jim $250.00
Petersen, Kevin David $250.00
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee $3,000.00
Roth, Roger J Jr $250.00
Stepp, Cathy $100.00
Tauchen, Gary $250.00
Van Hollen, JB $1,000.00
Zipperer, Rich $250.00

Natch, this is only one of the Interested Parties. Here's another:

Associated General Contractors of WI (AGCWI)

Albers, Sheryl $250.00
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate $1,000.00
Doyle, Jim $500.00
Gasper, Greg $250.00

Green, Mark $1,000.00
Hundertmark, Jean $100.00
Kreibich, Robin $250.00
Leschke, Julie Pung $250.00
Maxwell, Mike $100.00
Murtha, John $250.00
Nygren, John $250.00
Reigel, Jim $250.00
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee $2,000.00

Reynolds, Tom $250.00
Van Hollen, JB $750.00
Wieckert, Steve $250.00

You can also look up the donations made by the Building Trades Council, the Carpenters, the IBEW, the Plumbers, general-contractor owners (by their names,) and the contractor-trade groups for the various specific disciplines.

Note, too, that this Earmark was inserted AFTER the Joint Finance Committee deleted it from DarthDoyle's original budget.


Anonymous said...

Only one problem with your post: the Wisconsin Builders Association represents HOME builders, not the folks who build multi-million dollar poured concrete and brick structures like dormitories.

Go back and do some more research. You've missed the mark on this one.

Anonymous said...

And another comment. This statement is also incorrect:

"Note, too, that this Earmark was inserted AFTER the Joint Finance Committee deleted it from DarthDoyle's original budget."

The various building projects were never in the "original budget" because the capital budget (the bricks and mortar) is devised after the Budget bill is introduced.

The capital budget is assembled by the Department of Administration and is based on agency requests which have worked their way through the DOA's Bureau of Facilities Management. After that step, the Building Commission (which consists of the Governor, legislators or both parties, and public members) forwards a proposed capital budget to the Joint Finance Committee.

Joint Finance opted to add some of the capital budget into Senate Bill 40 and left some items out -- the dormitories.

So Senate Democrats decided to add the dormitories into the Budget.

How were you incorrect?

*These projects were not part of the "original budget" offered by the Governor.

*Joint Finance never "deleted" them from the original budget; Joint Finance refused to add them in.

Dad29 said...

So in other words, JFC decided that the expenditures were not necessary.

The PorkParade decided that they WERE necessary.

OK. Your point's taken, and the PorkParade still stinks.

Karen Marie said...

You did forget to mention the biggest stakeholders in this isseu: the students who need the dormitories to live in.

Dad29 said...


The students move out of the dorms at the first available opportunity.

Parkside MAY need a dorm. The rest of UW-system schools do not.