Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Illinois Version of the Madistan Capitol Police

Write a nastygram, get a visit! (Scroll down on the linked page.)

The [Illinois State Rifle Ass'n] is expressing great concern over reports that Illinois State Police (ISP) detectives have been visiting the homes of people who phoned or faxed Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) to express opposition to gun control legislation sponsored by the senator. The ISRA has recently conducted a thorough investigation into one complaint, and is gathering additional information on as many as several dozen other reported incidents of police questioning citizens who have spoken out against gun control legislation.

In the case investigated thus far, the respondent reports that ISP detectives arrived at his home, unannounced, and informed him that their visit was in response to faxes he sent to Sen. Kotowski. The detectives then went on to ask the citizen questions about his mental health and other personal matters. Although the citizen was not arrested, he reports that he feels that the detectives were there to deliver the message that it's not a good idea to criticize Dan Kotowski or the gun control measures Kotowski supports.

The Madison Capitol Police operate in a similar fashion.


me said...


I live in Sen. Kotowski's district and have been following this story all week.

Sen. Kotowski was getting death threats and that, and that alone, is what the police were investigating. Sometimes in the course of a police investigation innocent folks get asked questions too. SOP for cops.

Dad29 said...

Death threats are completely out-of-bounds, and the moron who made them should be apprehended.

I'd be happy to take Sen. K. to the firing range and help him learn about armed self-defense.