Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cdl Levada to NYC?

Perhaps Abp. Dolan should not put away the cheese-hat too soon.

Marco Tosatti, one of the most influential religious journalists in Italy, reports today in La Stampa on possible changes in the Roman Curia, confirming rumors that the Pope (and Cardinal Bertone) would want to move Cardinal Levada to New York (prompting the battle for his succession)...

'S alright. In NYC the taxes are even higher than in Milwaukee.

HT: Rorate Coeli

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Brother James said...

So Levada will get a chance to lead the Church in New York to the same model of sterling orthodoxy as San Francisco? Why not just save time and burn all the churches down now?

I've a better idea: Let's give a red hat to Bruskewitz, and then send him to NYC.