Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MSM Accuracy Count: Still REALLY Bad

Another example of AP's "accuracy" in reporting, here regarding Sen. Sheets Byrd:

Since the war's outset, he has ranked among Bush's harshest critics, a role that endeared him to many liberals and proved again that a skillful politician can remake his image if he stays in office long enough. His political origins were certainly conservative, including a stint in the Ku Klux Klan — membership for which Byrd has repeatedly apologized. His 14-hour filibuster of civil rights legislation in 1964 was among the longest in Senate history.

Umnnnhhh...the KKK was a Southern DEMOCRAT-populated organization which had as its objectives the elimination of Catholics, Jews, and Blacks (not necessarily in that order.)

And Southern DEMOCRATS assisted Byrd in his filibuster against the Civil Rights Act, which was passed largely due to Republican support.

You may now resume reality.

HT: Redstate.

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