Sunday, June 24, 2007

Those Who Will Resist the Motu Proprio

The Caveman advises that several new organizations have been founded to resist B-16's upcoming Motu Proprio which will allow more celebrations of the Old Rite Mass.

You can choose from any of the following:

The Novus Ordo Society ~ Dedicated to keeping the Mass alive in the various languages that it's celebrated in, such as English, Spanish, Esperanto, Mongolian, Tierra del Fuegan, Fortin, Indian Smoke Signals, Interpretive Dance, Goomba Brooklyn-Italiano Obscene Hand Gestures, Binary, Martian, etc. Originally named "Plures Vox", but changed name to current because someone realized that Plures Vox was in that ridiculous Latin. [In addition, it would be "Plures VocES" if it were Latin.]

The SSML; The Society of St. Martin Luther ~ "Telling The Pope To Go To Hell Since 1517". The SSML is a radical off-shoot of the SSHK, the Society of St. Hans Kung, which was a radical off-shoot of the SSVII, the Society of the Spirit of Vatican II. Membership in all three organizations is dwindling due to all their members are dying of old age.

Free-Thinking Single Catholics ~ A forum for the more liberally minded who are seeking either a guilt-free short term concubine-in-residence, or a long term straight-bi-gay-lesbian-transgendered-polygamous-incestuous-bestial-necrophiliac (or any combination thereof) relationship. Day-Glo condoms, morning after pills, and penicillin booster shots provided free of charge to those who sign up for one year membership.

Latin Mass Watch ~ A Novus Ordo news portal that specializes in featuring various horror stories of overt Traditional Catholicism world-wide.

Lair of the Catholic Eco-Friendly Sissy Ticklefight Pooh Bear Cavepersons of Undetermined Gender ~ A quasi-serious weblog that gaily focuses on the glories of everything Novus Ordo. Special attention paid to true meaning of the Theology of Dandelions and Kitten Whiskers, and what it mean to everyone at Sts. Che and Fidel Catholic Community of Berkeley, California. Peace, out.

If none of these strike your fancy, don't worry. The French Bishops will be sponsoring several front-groups themselves, soon.

HT: The Caveman


Billiam said...

Why all the consternation over the Old Rite Mass? It should be done every so often so as not to be forgotten.

Karen Marie said...

How about the St, Josemaria Society, "always forward, never back"? or the Normative Faithful for Participatio? or the Sung Dialogue Mass Society?

Kevin Whiteman said...

Thanks for the correction (Voces vice Vox). Correction done.

Dad29 said...

Billiam, the consternation is from the Left, which Knows Better than anyone What To Do--at all times.

Besides that, they have an investment in the New Rite; it's a matter of personal pride.

Karen, I happen to be a member of the Sung Dialog Mass society. Did it in the late 1950's. Worked well for everyone, and needed ZERO reform. Then along came people who had an agenda (see my post above re: Hegel & Co.)

Caver: always happy to help.

Karen Marie said...

The sung "dialogue mass" is the only TLM I know, I grew up with it; in Cleveland diocese where I grew up the bishop commanded it just a year or two before I was born. The "old Mass" was only available at two or three dissident parishes that my parents would never go to, because they thought it was a bad example for my sibs and me.

I was five when I was instructed about the "old Mass", in preparation to visit relatives in another diocese. That when we were there, we'd go to Mass, but only the priest and the server were supposed to pray Mass, that we would recite the Rosary and the Perpetual Novena right while the priest prayed Mass. When I protested that that was wrong, I was told that Aunt Marge's bishop hadn't told them that yet......

The very first "change" happened the Sunday following my first communion, when you were supposed to answer "Amen" when receiving Communion. Basically unnotoiced. As were most of the transition, since we were catechized well. We just kept on praying the Mass in dialogue, just in the Known Tongue now.

I've never quite caught on to what the huge "issue" is supposed to be.