Friday, June 22, 2007

Congressional Staffers' (Previously Private) Thoughts

Via JunkYard, then Hot Air, we are led to a page entitled "Words of Wisdom from Capitol Hill."

'Words of Wisdom' somehow or other had access to a blogsite which is restricted to Capitol Hill staffers.

I'll give you a taste of what the staffers have to say about you taxpaying suckers:

Is anyone else alarmed by the amount of email comming in on the CAFE standard??? There seems to be a large number of [f**ktards] who actually want the standard kept where it is. What the cock is this [s**t]. How quickly we forget 9/11, Afghanistan, and oh... IRAQ! 35 mpg by 2020!!!! TWENTY F**KING TWENTY. Half of those jacka**es sending emails won't even be alive. And really, how much oil is going to be left by then? Someone plow down Senator Bond with Hummer.

No way for me to verify the links...but it makes interesting reading, no?

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steveegg said...

Seeing they put it up on the Web, and didn't password-protect it, those posts are real.