Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's Wrong With the World, Today?

As neatly summarized as it can be, in the mind of Benedict XVI, from Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex:

The three issues are some of the primary concerns that we address here at C-L-S . . . aren’t we smart. These three issues revolve around the reduction of the meaning of the human person to solely the animal aspect of human nature, the reduction of rationality to empirical knowledge, and the solution that Christianity can offer to these mistaken views.

Not by coincidence, GKChesterton predicted it.

...seem to suggest a phenomenon that G.K. Chesterton characterized as a symptom of the loss of authentic religion. Namely, when physical health becomes an obsession. In fact, the way that this manifests itself is the same phenomenon as that which underlies scientism as well.

Which, natually, leads to the GlobalWarming fever, and (by the way) to a "health-care" crisis...

The religion of secular humanism, a close cousin of scientism, also flourishes with the faulty thinking rampant in this “crisis of modernity.”

The result?

The irony is that modernity prides itself on reason and dialogue. However, the protectors of the realm’s dogmatic teachings seem to intuitively recognize that they do not have the intellectual tools to engage in a dialogue and so suppression of opposing ideas becomes the only alternative. For most in this unholy magisterium, it would seem that intellectual debate is not welcomed and perhaps not even possible.

Gee--does that ring a bell--like, for example, the "fairness" crusade?

I might quibble that the "post-modernists" have simply decided not to engage the debate suggested by CLS; rather, they have decided that there is no 'truth' except for that which they affirm, personally.

But that IS a consequence of the 'modernist' thought, too.

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