Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Bishop of Superior, WI

The Catholics Up Nort', hey, they're part of the Milwaukee eparchy (or whateveryoucallit)

Bishop Fliss [retiring] will be 77 in October. New Bishop-to-be Peter Christensen is a priest in diocese of St. Paul - who as rector, was very involved in the growth of St. John Vianney Seminary there.

Amy also provided a link to a brief bio of Fr. Christensen. Here's the content: (edited)

...Father Christensen was born in 1952, grew up in Southern California, then moved to the Twin Cities in 1975. After obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Saint Thomas, he worked as a commercial artist. Father Christensen was ordained in 1985 from the Saint Paul Seminary and served as Associate Pastor at Saint Olaf's in downtown Minneapolis until 1989, when he was assigned as a spiritual director at Saint John Vianney Seminary. In 1992, Archbishop Roach appointed him Seminary Rector. As Rector, Father Christensen took a moribund Seminary and brought its enrollment from 30 or so seminarians to its current enrollment of more than 100, making it the largest college Seminary in the United States. He revamped the formation program, instituted Eucharistic Adoration, built up a $3 million endowment, and beautified the Seminary Chapel.

And that's the report from the Northern Flank! Wonder if Fr. C. knows he'll have to speak Yupper soon?

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Anonymous said...

I believe the term is province of Milwaukee. An eparchy is an Eastern diocese.

Given his Minneapolis background, I'm sure he will be able to speak fine with all the folks who speak Minnesotan in the diocese. Yooper and Minnesotan are similar accents, but given that these folks are west of the Porcupine Mountains, I don't Yooper would be the proper cultural dynamic.