Saturday, June 23, 2007

The "Mind" of the Left

Read this graf slowly and carefully:

The newspapers tell us every year as deer hunting season approaches that the animals are a suburban nuisance because their former territories in Wisconsin's woodlands keep falling to the bulldozer.

That's quoted with melancholy aplenty by James Rowen.

It is also the rock-damn-stupidest statement I've read in at least a week.

The deer are a suburban nuisance because there are NO DEER-PREDATORS in the suburbs--and there are plenty of Soccer Moms who feed the damn things, continually. Free food, no worries!! Even the deer are smart enough to figure it out.

Note to Rowen: there ARE deer in "Wisconsin woodlands." Deer-hunters kill thousands of them, every year, in the "woodlands." If you don't believe that, then you ought to read the newspapers which report it, every year. Or try this article for a flavor. (Hint: 325,000 deer killed in 2005 AND 2004)

Rowen's utter disgust with 'the people' who have the nerve to get the hell OUT of the City is emblematic and perfectly consistent with the Left's religious belief that 'there IS a perfect global temperature, and we had it just 5 years ago.'

No different here. He forgets that Wisconsin has gained about 1.5 million residents since the mid-'70's and that those people have to live someplace.

Evidently, however, Rowen's thesis is that 'we had a perfect population 30 years ago,' (or 50, or 100--who knows?) and that the boundary-lines of development should be precisely the same as they were then.

Right, Jim.

By the way, Jim: when all of civilization (save a few) were farmers, where the Hell did the deer live?

But that's the "mind" of the Left.


Janeabelle said...

Next up: Population control.

Brother James said...

Population Control

Isn't that where the Watermelons' train of thought always winds up?

Back to the dear deer, I could see an enterprising state contractor to cull select deer populations, and get the venison to market, possibly paying for the program in the first place.

Dad29 said...

Yah--oddly enough, their train of 'thought' always winds up between someone ELSE'S legs...

As to the deer, a lot of Wisconsin hunters donate the venison to the charity-food-providers, as well as to the charity kitchens.

IIRC, Wisconsin DNR has been at least helpful in that process.

The "culler-contractors" usually build that provision right into their contracts already.