Saturday, June 23, 2007

On Reading Hemingway, Correctly

From Planet Moron.

I brought a chair out to the back patio, lit a cigar and opened up “A Farewell to Arms” having gotten on a Hemingway kick after finding a copy of “The Sun Also Rises” on my first trip to the basement a month earlier. I then spent the remaining daylight hours immersed in the tale of an American officer serving in the Italian army during The Great War, my reading interrupted only by occasional gagging fits as I worked my way through the detestable Michelob.

I should point out here that in order to fully appreciate the motivations driving the characters in a Hemingway novel (if not the author himself) it is important that one consumes alcohol in quantities commensurate with the historical context of the work.

So, you see I’m not just sitting on the back patio getting drunk. I’m being literary. (God bless you Ernest Hemingway.)

...telling all of you that reading Belloc will require a quick trip to the local Winery. Take a trailer behind your car.

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