Friday, June 29, 2007

MSM "Cut/Paste" on Immigration, Koh. Feinie "Why Not?"

The usual crap from the MSM, but first, the facts:

Thirty-three Democrats, including Wisconsin Sens. Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl; 12 Republicans; and independent Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman voted [for the bill.]

...15 Democrats and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a liberal independent [voted against the bill.]

So one-third of the Democrats who voted voted against the bill.

This is what the MSM calls "a Republican split."

As to The "Nobody's Senator Twins,":

Feingold demonstrates that his political future has little to do with principles:

He said that despite his serious concerns about the bill, it "should go forward...

So 'serious concerns' shouldn't get in the way of legislation. Right. 'Serious 1st Amendment concerns' didn't get in the way of the un-Constitutional Campaign Finance Bill, either.

As to Herbie?

He said "the bill certainly was not perfect" but "was our best opportunity...

Oy, veh, Herbie!! You can't even come up with a line that's better than Feinie's?

So the Democrats split, and the bill went down.

It might have been a lousy bill, but hey!! this is Congress, and we pass lousy bills all day long.

Don't blame US for these lousy bills, hey! We just do as we're told.

This is what passes for Senatorial wisdom from Wisconsin.

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