Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dry Wit vs. Bp Trautman

As many of you know, Bp. Trautman is a tiresome fellow, utterly captivated by the mundane and vulgar, and Proud Of It!!--bleating that he (and his fellow Liturgeists) are really, really, really, benefitting the Common Man with their offerings of sawdust and dried mice.

But a quicker and better way to put it is here:

A witty, post-Vatican II Anglican convert to Catholicism was once asked what he missed most about his former ecclesiastical home.

“The Mass in English,” he immediately replied.

I'll admit that I had to read it twice, and then actually (shudder) think! to get the damn thing.

HT: Christus Vincit


xxxxxx said...

I have friends who convert from the Episcopalian church and it was hard...especially since they converted during the Weakland years (but what has changed, really?)

Language should be more formal in the Mass because we talking to the Creator. It should be sacred!

Dad29 said...

Actually, I'm quite optimistic about Abp. Dolan, although I've made it clear that I will assist him with learning how to use a handgun (for special occasions...)

Remember that he was dealt a hand over which he had zero control, and still is handicapped, severely, by that hand.

xxxxxx said...

I will try to keep that in mind, though I keep wanting to resort to that handgun...:)

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, we'll be out at Eagle on the McMiller range one Saturday this summer.

Feel free to come along and learn about the .357, etc., etc.