Saturday, June 23, 2007

Did You Read THIS in the Paper?

From Roggio:

Operation Phantom Thunder, the corps coordinated operation across three theaters in the Baghdad Belts, has completed it seventh day. Ground forces commander Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno gave a briefing on the operation. To date, Coalition and Iraqi forces have killed 159 al Qaeda fighters and other insurgents, wounded 41, and detained 721 suspects. Coalition and Iraqi forces found and destroyed 304 roadside bombs, seven car bombs and 128 weapons caches.

He continues:

Operation Arrowhead Ripper, the campaign in the Diyala theater, remains the hottest of the three. So far the bulk of the fighting is occurring in Baqubah, the provincial capital. "At least 55 al-Qaida operatives have been killed, 23 have been detained, 16 weapons caches have been discovered, 28 improvised explosive devices have been destroyed and 12 booby-trapped structures have been destroyed," since the start of Arrowhead Ripper, Multinational Forces Iraq reported

...General Odierno visited the city [Baqubah] and stated most of al Qaeda's senior leadership has fled, while lower level-leaders are believed to be trapped.

But the senior-level goblins are NOT home free:

Rear Admiral Mark Fox, a spokesman for Multinational Forces Iraq, stated Iraqi and Coalition forces are laying a trap for al Qaeda fighters fleeing the hot zones in the belts. "If you've got [the regions] properly cordoned then they're going to flee into somebody's arms. It's a trap," he stated. As we've noted since the beginning of the operation, Iraqi and U.S. forces have been placed in blocking positions along the rivers and key choke points.

This is how you talk to the enemy in combat. Surrender, or die.

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Anonymous said...

Just another example of the ability and power of the blogosphere to inform us of information that the liberal msm has decided we don't need to know about.

"In war, there is no substitute for victory." - General Douglas MacArthur, April 19, 1951 (Address to Congress)