Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Went Wrong? Interesting Points...

From WiDigest, published by conservatives:

It is interesting what happened to the Democrats under Howard Dean. Many Democrat officeholders ripped Dean for his expenditures to rebuild the grass roots... leaving the party broke just before the election. Guess who was right?

FWIW, the Waukesha County Green campaign manager made it very clear that he was short a large number of volunteeers. Having an organization counts!

The six year slump in the presidents popularity. It seems that there isn't any spunk left in Washington. There aren't any new ideas, we aregoing nowhere in Iraq and nobody seems to know what we are going to do for the next two years. It is not enough to stand up and say "watch out for Nancy Pelosi".

Not only is it insufficient, it is an insult to the intelligence of ANY voter, (R) or (D).

Jim Sensenbrenner brought up a good point, something that nobody else including myself thought of before the elections. These referenda brought out the Reagan democrats to vote against gay marriages and for the death penalty At the same time they decided that they should vote democratic again instead of following the GOP line. They did not accept the GOP platform. This is part of the problem I have talked about for a decade. We can't have the leadership of the party meet in the country club while our voters shop at Fleet Farm. Doesn't happen.

Absolutely true. There are a lot more voters than there are Bank Presidents.

The Iraqi war and referendums at the level of the municipality helped bring out more liberals and the anti-war gang. ...In Wauwatosa it was especially important as the vote was about 12,000 to 9,000 to pull out. Green lost the city by about 1,000 and Reynolds by about 2,000. That referendum was critical.

Very interesting point, in line with the analysis by Sensenbrenner (above.)

Failure to have candidates for key offices reduces the total vote

Herb Kohl may be un-beatable, but that's not an excuse. Of course, with the national Senatorial campaign being run by the RINOs, what's the diff?

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