Monday, November 13, 2006

Buh Bye, BB Guns

You can't make this stuff up:

You might think that Massachusetts can't become any more anti-gun.

Well, think again. Now there's a proposal to ban BB guns in Massachusetts. Complete with a BB gun amnesty period. And a BB gun buyback program.

Millions of kids have grown up with BB and pellet guns. I don't know of any that were turned into criminals by their Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. But that doesn't matter to the politicians in Massachusetts. They think BB guns are bad, and they want them outlawed.

In fact, these politicians not only plan to ban BB guns in Massachusetts, they're sending letters to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island to ask those states to do the same. In the words of one of these anti-gun politicians, their goal is to make "New England an area free of pellet guns and BB guns."

So reports LaPierre of the NRA.

I suppose it makes sense. They've banned dodge-ball, a highly dangerous sport which caused the hospitalization, disfigurement or dismembering of millions of children, right? Well, BB guns are at least twice as worse, or more so--even if those millions of injuries were never reported.

This should have been an update to Folkie's list.


Amy said...

Well, of course! With MA teaching children the finer points of sexual behavior(s), they can't have them go and pretend to be children...doing something as foolish as playing with BB guns!

From birth, children are expected to act, think, and live as adults.

Part of that whole "progressive" way of thinking. Acting like children is something reserved for adult liberals.

Brother James said...

Progressive prefer that kids be taught proper condom use than firearm safety. Priorities, y'know.

Terrence Berres said...

BB gun! Don't you know you could put your eye out with one of those things?