Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Elton John--Harbinger?

CourageMan posted a lengthy essay on SirElton's remark that 'all religion should be banned.' Here's an interesting excerpt:

...Sir Elton HASN'T thought these topics through (which isn't particularly damnable in itself), and this is what comes out of a him. Most people, and all non-intellectuals, DON'T think things through -- they absorb what the world around them thinks or tells them they should think, thoughtlessly or with minimal thought. The thoughtless man is a better barometer of his society than the thoughtful man for that very reason. I think a serious persecution of Christians is coming, because sentiments like these are becoming much more commonly expressed as natural and normal than before. While there has always been The Village Atheist around, he has been an exception. Sir Elton indicates TVA might be becoming the norm.

He's not the first to predict a new persecution in recent times. Cdl. George of Chicago mentioned this about 6 months ago.

CourageMan also passes on some comparos between the Pope and SirElton, which are more fun:

  • About the role of Husserl and phenomenology in Karol Wojtyla's personalist philosophy -- Elton John don't know shit
  • The Pope never wrote a song to the World Team Tennis league
  • The Pope has the stronger fashion sense, with more modest hats and better Prada shoes
  • Everyone knows the pope's born name
  • "Deus Caritas Est" is in a real dead language, unlike "Solar Prestige a Gammon"³ And a bit meatier than "Believe"
  • Pope doesn't depend on Bernie Taupin to write words for him
  • Pope hasn't had a career trajectory that started with Kiki Dee as a duet partner and went on to RuPaul and (on another song) George Michael



Amy said...

I think a serious persecution of Christians is coming...

Which is what I've been saying for a long time.

Enjoy going to Church while you can, because the cultural elite progressives don't understand, respect, or care about your religion.

They are prefectly fine with jeopardizing your soul so long as it suits their "tolerant" agenda.

Funny thing is, I'd be willing to be that if Elton John's dream came to fruition, mosques and liberal churches/synagogues would be spared.

It's only the conservatives they're after.

Anonymous said...

Well, I imagine that any dominant administration may be able to motivate the DOJ and IRS to silence voices that dissent from the polity du jour. Once a church is muzzled, it's hard to get the message across, and you gradually accede to the prevailing culture.

I imagine that silence, and gradual acceptance followed each other at Most Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro District in San Francisco. Way to teach Catholic doctrine, boys...