Friday, November 17, 2006

Turnabout: Love It, Conservatives!!

Mitch McConnell, speaking to the Federalist Society:

Senator McConnell pointedly noted [I paraphrase here] that "49 is not a bad number of Senators to have, in a chamber that requires 60 to control [smile]. And I can assure you that our Democratic friends will give President Bush's judicial nominees a floor vote - if they want to get anything done, in a chamber that requires 60 to control. [very big smile and much applause]"

Harry Reid (D-Land Deals) will live to regret his obstreperous obnoxity.

HT: RedState

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steveegg said...

I see McConnell is planning on doing his own vote-counting and -wrangling. It'll be a race between him finding 41 and Cave-A-Lott finding 9.

On a related note, we're going to need that winter shoot sometime very soon.