Friday, November 17, 2006

Ratzinger on Liturgical Reform

An excellent lecture given by Dr. Alcuin Reed, linked here. HT: The New Liturgical Movement

Excerpts that the Liturgeists should read (but likely won't) are below. (It would also be useful for priests to read this--especially the pastor who recently left St Sebastian's for a Greendale parish...)

"We must be far more resolute than heretofore in opposing rationalistic relativism, confusing claptrap, and pastoral infantilism. These things degrade the Liturgy to a level of a parish tea party, and the intelligibility of a popular newspaper."

No gentle lamb, he!

"The Liturgical Movement had in fact been teach us to understand the Liturgy as a living network of Tradition that had taken concrete form, that cannot be torn apart into little pieces, but that has to be seen and experienced as a living whole. Anyone who, like me, was moved by this perception in the time of the Liturgical Movement on the eve of the Second Vatican Council, can only stand, deeply sorrowing, before the ruins of the very things they were concerned for."

Yes. The 'infantilism' and 'rationalistic relativism' demonstrated by the Modern Manicheans, led by "Bugsy" Bugnini---and aided by a locally-famous Benedictine...

These are brief quotations from a 14-page PDF document.

In the rest of it, Reid hints strongly that B-16's program for "Reform of the Reform" will not only include a wider and more available celebration of the Old Rite (Tridentine) Mass, but a re-Latinization of the New Rite, along with some changes to the Offertory prayers, a reversal of the "versus populum" innovation, and a standardization on Canon I (the Roman Canon.)

Celeriter, Domine! Adjuvanda Nos!!

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Kevin Whiteman said...

Well, we all know what must happen.

If and when it actually does remains to be seen. Lots and lots of talk. Some action sure would be nice.

But on the bright side... at leat it IS being discussed!