Monday, November 13, 2006

Folkbum Goes Out on a Limb--But Not Far Enough

It's safe to say that Jay Bullock does not like Pat McIlheran's opinions.

But Folkie is taking his dislikes and building a castle on what should be called a very sandy foundation in this post. He asserts that the recent election:

1) Proves that conservative ideas are wrong;
2) Shows that using intel assets to monitor AlQuaeda overseas phone calls is wrong;
3) Proves that illegal immigration is fine-and-dandy with Americans;
4) Demonstrates that an amendment to limit State and local spending is wrong;
5) Shows that excessive Estate Taxing is just fine;
6) Mandates the continuing validity of Roe v Wade; and
7) Shows that taxpayers WANT to finance the campaigns of politicians.

Hell, Jay--that's hardly a comprehensive list.

Here are some other mandates and proofs contained in the election's results:

1) Wisconsin weather should moderate, with rain only at night, and temps between 50-80 degrees;
2) All public employees should receive a 60% boost in income and a 100% increase in pensions, immediately, with "20-and-out" retirement plans and free lifetime healthcare;
3) All conservative radio and newspaper figures should be exported to the South Pole;
4) All living US citizens' resumes should be examined and those whose backgrounds or inclinations are in disfavor should either self-immolate or be executed;
5) All parking spaces should be reserved for the handicapped;
6) All earned and un-earned income in excess of $100K/year (of non-public-servant citizens) of Wisconsin should be confiscated by the State;
7) There will be no smoking. Anywhere. Ever.;
8) The Republican caucus rooms and offices in the Legislature will be moved to Hurley and they will no longer have telephones, computers, or electricity; and
9) The First, Second, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution shall be repealed forthwith.

You can get those results by examining the exit-polls, Jay. Work on it for a while.


Jay Bullock said...

How much hair did you lose when my point flew over your head? I wrote to point out hypocrisy, not to make any claims about polling. Sheesh.

Dad29 said...

Right, Jay. Whatever you say.