Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tridentine Rite Milwaukee Change

Beginning next Sunday, Church's New Year (12/3/06) and first Sunday of Advent, the authorized Old Rite Mass for the Milwaukee Archdiocese will begin at:

10:30 AM.
This will continue for the foreseeable future. As usual, Confessions will be held before the Mass, likely beginning at 9:50 AM, and following the Mass, if the need is present.
In February, the location of the Old Rite Mass will change.


Phelony Jones said...

I have never had the opportunity to attend an original latin service.

Dad29 said...

Well, PJ, it will be a LONG LONG WAY from St Sebastian's current anarchy.


Phelony Jones said...

I haven't attended mass there in a very long time, partly because it's such a "production". Fr. Bryan in the 80's was really the best time to attend.

As for now, I prefer to haul out of bed early on a Sunday to attend the Archbishop's mass.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that the new home for the Latin Mass moves to either Sacred Heart at 49th and Wells, or Old St Anthony at 9th and Mitchell.

I am stuck in Wauwatosa with many poorly, disrespectful Mass choices..St Bernards, where Fr Peter looks as if he is going to vomit when you have the gall to receive Holy Communion on the tongue...St Pius, where it is just a very strange place with the Singing Priest...and Christ King, where the electric keyboard at the altar reminds me of my last reggae vacation in Jamaica..mon

Dad29 said...

It will not be St Anthony's, period.

The Old Rite Community celebrates Christmas w/Midnight Mass, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, ...and Holydays of Obligation.

There's simply no way to jam all those services into the schedule at St. Anthony's. No way.

Sacred Heart has never come up in discussions.

But (this is public knowledge) it may be St. Stanislaus, on 5th/Mitchell.

Cecelia said...

It is a bit odd to refer to the Latin Tridentine Mass as the Old Rite, actually quite incorrect: a better word might be perennial, as this Mass was ordained FOR ALL TIME by Pope Saint Pius V, in other words, to be said without change OR alteration "in perpetuity."

Dad29 said...

Cecelia, your ignorance is stunning.

Has there been a Pope since Pius X?

Dad29 said...

I think the term "contumacious" applies to you. There's another noun to go with it.

I'll delete your last post and give you another chance to answer my question.

Should you fail, I'll simply delete all your tripe.

Cecelia said...

Dear "Dad," I really am confused here. You know, I too am an older Catholic with concerns about all that has gone on in our Church for quite a few years now, as I thought you were. Thus I was quite surprised by your first question to me. I can't figure out what was wrong with calling the Latin Tridentine Mass "perennial."

So I will let it go at that. Thanks anyway.

Dad29 said...

The Old Rite was tweaked, changed, and adjusted by several Popes, the last two being Pius XII and John XXIII.

If you knew that, why bother referring to the Bull's explicit phrasing, which obviously does not have any effect on lawful Popes (who have total and complete control over the Liturgy)?

And if you dit NOT know that, you are (as I stated) astoundingly ignorant.

This ain't no home for RadTrads.

Cecelia said...