Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spending Pig WIS DOT Wants More Money: the Setup

Well, it was a certainty that DOT wanted more money.

Only question: how much, and extracted from what part of your anatomy...

The state Department of Transportation is recommending raising the annual registration fees to $80 for cars, a 46% increase, and hikes of up to 65% for light trucks.

The department also recommends increasing the cost of driver's licenses by $10, from $24 to $34, to cover the cost of new federal requirements to make identification cards more secure.

What if they gave a party and no one came? How long would it take the State Patrol to arrest every single licensed driver in the State? Stop every car?

FU, DarthDoyle.

Having said that, here's how this will work.

DOT's request is exorbitant, and we all know it. Busalacchi did what DarthDoyle told him to do: first, hold off the announcement until after the election; secondly, make the numbers high.

Now Darth and his newfound pal, the Wisconsin Senate, will "moderate" the increases. Then they'll be passed into law. Car registration will be $70.00, D/L's will be $30.00.

By the way, if you're interested in exactly how DOT pisses your money down the drain, be sure to drive out Hy. 151 from Madistan to Iowa some day. Don't worry about getting into a traffic jam.


J said...

So they want me to spend $10 more to wait in a long line with asshole employees who have no reason to be so damn cranky?

Anonymous said...

The lines _are_ long, but they flow pretty smoothly and the clerks are really sweet. Even on my last renewal --- first week of july 05, during the great computer crash --- they worked hard to keep us as comfortable as possible, and issued raincheck appointments to those who had to leave. (This was downtown Milwaukee office).