Saturday, November 18, 2006

China Is Our Friend!! Part 489220

Here's an interesting conversation-starter:

"China is the greatest culture on the planet, and in the 21st Century will become the greatest power as well. It all depends upon the diaspora of Chinese money and influence. We live here in Taiwan as free Chinese, but there is actually only one China -- all Chinese belong to Mother China, and in time, will all be together again as China becomes The Great World Power.

It will be easy, and the world won't understand until it is too late. We will put our money into every economy and become necessary to those economies' survival. With economic power will come political influence.

Sometime before the year 2050, the world will kneel before Mother China!"

Why not? WallyWorld worships there now.

Military buildup, spying on US defense secrets, IP theft, slave labor, murder-for-profit in body parts, brutal suppression of religious believers...

The 'Greatest Culture on the Planet,' eh?

Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton still have to explain their MFN/PNTR concessions to this monster.

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steveegg said...

And that's our "friends" in Taiwan saying that.

I wonder if a similar thinking on the part of the South Koreans is behind their refusal to crack down on North Korea's nuclear program.

blamin said...


It would sure seem that way (your Korea observation).

After all what’s the sense of relying on a paper tiger (thanks Dems!) to watch your back when you’ve got an 800lb gorilla breathing down your neck.

steveegg said...

blamin - That's not quite the observation I have regarding the Koreas. I'm rather convinced that South Korea wants to avenge the brutal 45 years or so that Japan occupied the entire Korean peninsula, and they see the North Korean nukes as the way to do it.

After all, the Japanese practiced to "perfection" the techniques they used in the Rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March on the Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Greatest Culture eh?

How did a backwater civilization in western Europe in the 15th century with Islam poised to overrun us overtake this 'greatest culture'?

Hmmm, me thinks CATHOLICISM?!

Anonymous said...

Red Friday is coming. Got your credit cards handy? As if we really need to further tip the balance of power in Mao's favor.

Jeff Taylor said...

I agree. We should be boycotting goods made in China. Its brutal leadership exemplifies the worst aspects of communism and capitalism. Totalitarian government partnered with monopolistic business = fascism. It's what Orwell depicted in the closing pages of Animal Farm: Greedy, self-serving farmers merging with pigs who share the same traits.

One of my favorite writers is Watchman Nee (Ni To-sheng), who died after 20 years of imprisonment by the Communists. He was a martyr for Christ. Fifteen years after Nee's death, we witnessed the true face of the Chinese rulers in Tiananmen Square. Soon thereafter we saw the "Land of the free" flooded by cheap products made by the enslaved people of China. What's a little oppression, forced abortion, sweatshop labor, and religious persecution among greedy friends? It's sad.