Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Never Enough Laws & Regs

Anent Joe Sobran's comment that Liberals can never have enough Gummint, the following:

Let's see... Massachusetts has police permit requirements for obtaining any guns, including rifles, storage requirements, effectively a long waiting period (it takes weeks to get the permit), a year's mandatory imprisonment for first-offense carrying without a permit or with an expired permit, limits on large magazines, etc., etc.

But Brady Campaign hasn't folded its tent there and proclaimed it's gotten enough. Instead, it's calling for more.

"Dan Vice, a staff attorney with the Brady Campaign, which advocates for gun control, said Massachusetts needs to establish a statewide registry of legally owned guns. He also urged the state to restrict gun purchases to one per month.

Why not a Statewide registry of legally-owned cold tablets? Cigarettes? Alcoholic beverages? McDonald's coupons?

HT: Of Arms and the Law


Billiam said...

Don't give them ANY ideas! Brady's gang won't be happy until the do what Germany did before the dark days. Take the guns away from the populace. I believe that's their ultimate aim.

Dad29 said...

No question, you're right.

That's why I try to buy from private parties only.

Of course, if the SHTF, I can always "lose" a few weapons--in the back yard, wrapped in oilcloth, 4' under.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if the 'o8 elections go badly, I'm buying an M-1A, and maybe a good bolt-action .308, along with any capacity magazines and ammo that the Dems are moaning about at the time.