Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kate Falk: It's REALLY Time to Concede

Class? What class?

After all, Kate Falk is entitled. She ran as a liberal Democrat. It's a given that she won, right?

Wisconsin attorney general hopeful Kathleen Falk can stop wondering if Waukesha County vote tallies will swing the Nov. 7 election in her favor.

Falk has refused to concede the race [as of 11/16/06] to opponent J.B. Van Hollen because election night returns showed her trailing by fewer than 10,000 votes out of 2 million cast statewide.

S'pose she'll show up that the swearing-in ceremony and elbow JB VanHollen out of the way?

More and more, it's clear that Shakespeare must have met her...

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