Thursday, November 16, 2006

Captain's Quarters in Rebellion

CQ is a very influential blogsite whose author also writes for another (print) national conservative publication.

Commenting on the resurrection of Trent (Pig) Lott, and the prominence of John (Shut Up!!) McCain as we swing towards 2008, he says something startling:

It may be time to take Mark Tapscott's advice, offered over the summer, and look outside the GOP for alternate methods of pursuing conservativism. All we find there is a nest of those who want to manipulate federal power as an engine for their own agendas, instead of reducing its reach and its intrusiveness. We have at least a year to see whether we can be more effective outside the party -- because the Republicans seem intent on proving that we have no place inside it any more.

Although CQ did not mention the Martinez nomination, it's another good reason to look around.

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