Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Legislative Slime--Part 2547

First off, retired Members of Wisconsin's Legislature do not "buy" health insurance.

They steal money under the guise of 'not taking sick days,' and trade the stolen goods for another valuable.

This is also known as 'The Black Market.' No income is declared, no taxes are paid--it's no different from other forms of prostitution utilized by Leggies for their own benefit.

Now they find themselves in a situation which would embarass normal people: seems that the State's Auditor has found that UW-system employees (primarily professors) are pulling the same scam.

Oh, yes--a couple of the Leggies are ashamed. I suspect that they are more ashamed of the company they keep in Madison than anything else...but not to worry.

Huebsch and Robson will bury this. They'll keep what they stole. And they'll defy you to your face over the issue. Too bad the appropriate response from the taxpayers falls under the criminal code.

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