Monday, November 27, 2006

Up Your Sales Tax!!

Didn't take long for the (D) types in Madistan to start painting pictures of their dreams, eh?

State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) is developing a plan that he says would cancel many sales tax exemptions.

Erpenbach's plan would continue to exempt from the sales tax "necessities of life," including food; drugs and health care services; shelter and agricultural products.

He said the measure he will introduce in the next few weeks would cancel all other sales tax exemptions to raise enough new money to finally remove the financing of public schools from the property tax - a tax shift of more than $3 billion.

The Wisconsin Counties Association, a group of Professional Leeches of Taxpayer Blood, has its own list: services, $136 million; legal services, $113 million; advertising, $103 million; personnel services, $79.4 million; architectural, engineering and surveying services, $69.2 million; management consulting and public relations, $64.1 million; and accounting, $59.5 million.

The Twit-in-Charge of the Counties Ass'n doesn't even understand the basic concept:

"I'd be fascinated to hear" why hair salons, nail salons and barbershops deserve a tax break worth more than $29 million a year ...said Mark O'Connell.

Frankly, I'd be fascinated to hear where he learned Econ 101--or IF he learned it.

By the way--go back to Erpenbach's plan. Note the part highlighted in red. What Erpenbach is proposing is two major changes, not one. First, increase tax revenues to the State of Wisconsin. Second, have the State of Wisconsin write the checks which pay for the schools, in toto.

What Erpenbach, the Dems, and WEAC are really aiming for is State control, not local control.
They'll be happy with taking the money first--implementing the increased taxes. But they'll also be happy with taking control of all the schools.

Keep your eyes open, folks.

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steveegg said...

Say, did anything about the Journtinel writeup, like the included graphic, strike you as a bit "odd"? I could've swore that Erpenbach and company said that food was off the table, for example. Also, why point out game birds and clay pigeons?