Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anti-Gun Mayor, Pal of Bloomberg (NYC)...

Goes on trial for illegally carrying a concealed weapon!

In Jackson, Mississippi, Mayor Frank Melton is scheduled to go on trial for illegally carrying his concealed firearm inside a church, a school, and a park.

We can debate whether or not the law is right, but one thing is certain: Prosecutors believe Melton broke the law.

Melton was one of the first mayors to sign up with Bloomberg's anti-gun group, and he followed his meeting at Gracie Mansion with a call to ban all gun shows in Jackson.

I guess that's enough to keep him in Bloomberg's good graces, because as of this writing, he’s still on the list of mayors fighting for New York-style gun-control laws... even in Mississippi.

Yah--that's the same meeting Tom Barrett attended. Happy to know that Melton didn't pull out his gun to show it off there, eh?

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