Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Assault Rifles" Not So Hot as Weapons

Despite the hand-wringing, sighing, and screeching delivered by the brain-dead MSM pundits on the topic of "Lethal!!!! Assault Rifles," (let's not get into definitions--that would strain the brains of those poor folks...)

It seems that "Assault Rifles" are simply not very lethal.

"...British examination of its Malaya experience determined that, to a range of thirty yards (27.4 meters), the probability of hitting a man-sized target with a shotgun was superior to that of all other weapons. The probability of hitting the intended target with an assault rifle was one in eleven. It was one in eight with a submachine gun firing a five-round burst. Shotguns had a hit probability ratio twice as good as rifles..."

I'll have a pair of 12-gage 3 1/2 inchers, please.

HT: John Lott


Billiam said...

Amen, and a side of .357 magnum, please. To go?!

Anonymous said...

Your logic in this post is pathetic.

Dad29 said...

Well, Anony---Enlighten Us!!

Anonymous said...

Inside of 50 yards I cannot imagine anything more lethal than a 12 gauge.

Your anon a hole seems to forget that when the Marines started cleaning out German trenches in WW1 the Germans who though using poison gas was cricket screamed bloody murder how the 12 gauge "trench guns" should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

Ad the killing power with the intimidation factor of staring down a sewer pipe and you have a pretty nice package for home defense.

Dad29 said...

I'm not among the "12-ga Bigots" for home defense. It's SO...messy...to pick pellets out of wallboard.

My .357Mag makes only one hole at a time.

Still and all, a lot of bleeding, I suppose.