Saturday, August 28, 2021

Writing CoviDOOMPorn

The CoviDOOMPorn!!!! stories are simple, just like their authors.  1) Find someone who's willing to enhance your story--preferably with an Official Hospital Title.  Then 2) skip very important facts.  3) Be sure to find someone else with an Official Hospital Title to enhance the story some more.  4) Skip more very important facts.  Voila!!  Template set, fill in the blanks, run with story!!

Marshfield Medical Center is eerily quiet for a hospital seeing its fourth COVID-19 surge in 18 months.

Lobbies are empty, few visitors can be spotted wandering hallways, waiting rooms don't have the typical families and friends. The smell of disinfectant is strong until it quickly becomes so normal you don't smell it at all.

"It's not chaos right now," said John Gardner, director of communications for Marshfield Clinic Health System. "We are bracing for impact."....

There's the first "Official Hospital Titled" story enhancer!

...the hospital and clinic at 611 N. St. Joseph Ave. in Marshfield has seen a major increase in COVID-19 patients, not unlike other health systems around the U.S.

In the first week of August, they had just one patient admitted with COVID-19. By Sunday, they had 17....

There's the "Skip Very Important Facts", Part One.

Of three deaths in Marshfield since June 1, all were unvaccinated.

There's Part Two.

What Very Important Facts?  Co-morbidities:  age, weight condition, hypertension, .......the stuff we all know about but CoviDoomPorn stories don't sayBecause they think you're stupid.

..."It's scary to know we may have to go back to what we were, to prepare for increased death again," said Nurse Manager Heather Storch. "It's PTSD for the nurses and for myself."...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there's the second "Official Hospital Titled" entry!!

From what we know, the death count is likely to be much smaller as a percentage than last time around.  But that's a Very Important Fact that's almost left out.  Why "almost"?

Ryan Letsch, a registered nurse who has been working in the ICU throughout the pandemic,  ...feels more prepared, protected by the vaccine and equipped with more knowledge of how COVID operates — it's "the devil you know," he said.

That's why it's "almost."  There are proven treatment options, although HCQ/Z-Pack/Zinc will never, ever, be mentioned in polite CovidPorn society, you know.  

Gratuitous extra unprovable DOOMfactoid:

...Marshfield Clinic did not have specific numbers of how many doctors and nurses have left their positions due to pandemic fatigue but Renee Klein, supervisor of patient care services in the ICU, confirmed there had been multiple. ...
"We don't know whether anyone quit due to pandemic fatigue, but a lot of people quit, ya'know."


The nurse-shortage has been around Wisconsin for about 20 or 30 years.  Find a copy of the want ads from 2002--or, for that matter, from 1992.  The nursing profession likes it that way, so they make it very damned difficult to get that RN designator.  It's all for 'your safety,' ya'know.  Uh-huh.

Further, Marshfield, like all Wisconsin health orgs, has imposed a Vax Mandate.  Reports are that about 20% of hospital employees will NOT take the shot.  Does that have anything to do with the quits cited above?

They're not going to tell you, are they?

There it is!!  How to write CoviDOOMPorn, in one easy lesson.  

Next week:  How to Write Biden*-Is-Really-Competent!!! stories.

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