Thursday, August 19, 2021

Democrats: Accessories After the Fact

Nah, this is not about Afghanistan......yet.

It's about The Invasion at the border.  

President MashedPotatoBrain is criminally derelict at our border.  His actions are well within the bounds for impeachment AND conviction.  That's beyond question.

There are 50 Democrat Senators who have NOT raised a tea-time finger to stop this; there are more than 200 Democrat House members who are also sitting on their fat, pampered butts.

Since criminal Mexican cartels are involved, raping women and girls, that means that these Democrats are accessories after the fact.

Next time they show up in their District or State, some Sheriff should arrest them.  Let them rot in jail for several months before releasing them on bail.  Criminal invasion of the US is far more serious than "insurrection."

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