Monday, August 23, 2021

Dan Crenshaw: Another Gummint Man

We know about "Gummint Men" in Wisconsin.  Scott Walker's house lawyer Hagedorn is one example; since he's been on SCOWI he has never ruled against The Gummint in any meaningful case.  Trump appointed three of them to SCOTUS to join Roberts the Weak-Kneed, too.

Dan Crenshaw ("R" Tx) is another.  Crenshaw talks fast about 'self-defense' when discussing the right to keep and bear arms, but Crenshaw never mentions the REAL reason for the Second Amendment, which is the right to overthrow a Government which mimics that of King George.

Beware the Danny-Boy Crenshaws, Hagedorns, Kavanaughs,  They do not like free men.

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