Saturday, August 21, 2021

Gee. They Were LYING About the 1/6 Event

The FEEBS have concluded that Trump and his supporters did NOT 'organize' the 1/6 event.

Carlson, citing Revolver News, tells us why:

The FBI was doing the organizing.  That's why 20+ individuals were NOT indicted, despite activities which were comparable to or worse than those of the "insurrectionists."  (See the video here, start around 32:00)

Still think we really need a highly-paid and fully-armed bunch of anti-American thugs-in-suits?

Hell, even the Mafia was patriotic.  Let's bring them back.

By the way, Ashli Babbit's MURDERER is not going to be charged.  "Internal investigation" and all that.  Same as Derek Chauvin, remember?

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