Monday, August 23, 2021

The Other Side of Taking Afghan Refugees Here

Steve Cortes is a hot commodity conservative.  So his opinions are worth knowing.

Migration to the United States should exist for one purpose only: to enhance the prosperity and security of existing American citizens, whether native-born or legally naturalized. 

This statement should not actually be controversial. To many on the Left, however, immigration is either some intrinsically inherent and pure good, or a cudgel with which to batter American culture and identity. For globalists, mass migration must be embraced, as a means to cheap labor and free votes, but now also as a matter of “social justice”. Because nothing says “equity” like stripping impoverished nations of their labor force and working them to the bone before sending them back to their American ghettoes....

...For those who took material risk to assist American operations there, surely our country can assist their safe removal from immediate danger. We have many bases in the region, plus allies nearby who share cultural and religious traits with these migrants and can provide refuge. But not one of these Afghans should be coming to America. That was never the deal.

In a time of pandemic and a fast-rising economic anxiety, the present is no time to welcome vast amounts of refugees into America, many of whom will require enormous resources from taxpayers.

We disagree.  IMHO, we should admit Afghan co-operators to the USA and grant citizenship after all the usual steps.  There's plenty of room in this country for people who want to work.  But they must be well-vetted, not just people able to climb onto an airplane.

Regardless, Cortes is a thinker.  You should know about him.

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