Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"The Duke" Pesta Draws a Crowd

As we mentioned earlier, Duke Pesta, Ph.D. spoke on Critical Race Theory and the general slide of public "education" last night.

The event was held at a restaurant in Brookfield--the Saloon on Calhoun--and attracted a crowd of 150++ enthusiastic listeners.  Pesta detailed the rise of CRT, showing that it was another in a series of educational disasters which included the "Outcome-based Education" "Sex-Ed" and "No Child Left Behind" scams. 

He quoted Horace Mann, the father of this bastard child called 'public education'; Mann was very clear:  his objective was to separate the child from the parents and make the children into loyal servants of the State.  (Catholics knew this, which is why every Catholic parish had a connected school.)

He then ran through a series of slides and videos demonstrating the bad faith and even worse "education" now running rampant in US public schools.  The presentation included some of the pornography (yes, porn!) rammed into children aged 6 and up.  The audience reacted as you might expect.

Pesta did not break any new ground on the matter of Critical Race Theory.  Most people there already knew that it was a Hegelian/Marxist play on the old "class" war transmogrified into "race" war.

There was a Q&A following the speech,  Sadly, it was dominated by campaign flapjaw from a couple of the Usual Suspects, which was neither enlightening nor particularly useful.  Oh, well.

People coming in were greeted by an old guy with a funny hat who took their money, and a beautiful young lady who gathered their contact information.  The "No Better Friend" people were there, of course, hoping to get their hands on the contact lists.

All in all, a very nice experience.  If I were a member of the Elmbrook Board of Ed, I'd be paying attention.  The movement is not going to stop because of a compromise on face-masks.

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