Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Evers IS the Pig With Lipstick

Ol' Tin-Pot Tony Evers always has his mouth running.

...Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, have criticized the vetting process and warned about terrorists being allowed into the country. After a tour of the base last week, Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson questioned whether the refugees at Fort McCoy had been fully vetted and said White House assurances about the process were "lipstick on a pig."

Evers also toured the base last week and met with refugees. He said Republicans criticizing the vetting of those refugees are "vastly uninformed."

"Or they like to raise that specter of maybe some of those little kids I saw at Fort McCoy are terrorists or maybe those adults that I saw at Fort McCoy who were working hand in hand with our soldiers and airmen in Afghanistan, somehow they are terrorists even though they’ve been vetted four or five or six times even before they left Afghanistan," Evers said. "To me, it’s dog whistle crap and we don’t need any of that."...

Tony knows about being "vastly uninformed"; he showed his Ph.D. in that subject when he ran his flap on the Jacob Blake affair.

But we'll be happy to give Tin-Pot a pass, if he can prove beyond reasonable doubt that ALL those refugees were ID'd and vetted five or six times.

He can't.  He just runs his heavily-lipsticked flap.

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