Sunday, August 29, 2021

What Bobos Don't Get

Grim quotes a blog-pal over the current coercion attempt which is NOT restricted to The Vax.

...He goes on to cite David Brooks's recent piece in The Atlantic, attempting to explain why the "creative elites" Brooks so desperately wants to belong to have become objects of scorn. Brooks calls the elites "bobos," for bourgeois-bohemians, and blames their fall on "hogging profits," that is, not throwing enough tax money out of helicopters. I think Orthosphere has a better grasp:

Brooks does not understand that the unruly plebian masses do not envy his bobo lifestyle. They are not yearning to mimic, even in a vulgar and provincial way, the manners of David Brooks and his friends. He does not understand that the unruly plebian masses, whose allegiance the bobo elite has lost, are repelled by the bobos’ pencil-necked unmanliness, their officious scolding, their sexual weirdness, and their everlasting, apple-polishing striving to attract the teacher’s eye and move to the head of the class. They are embarrassed by the bobos’ juvenile spirituality, revolted by their parvenu gourmandizing, and sick to death of their half-wit moral lectures and their infantile ideals.

ICYMI, on Saturday the Pentagon issued a memo to all active AND RETIRED military stating that they 'may not disrespect' commanders.  That's in response to an upcoming open letter signed by at least two dozen top brass condemning the generals who followed Biden*'s orders on the Afghan retreat.  They should have resigned rather than left the door wide open for the bloodbath that will be coming--but they did not.

Anyhow, the coercion includes that memo, the most-likely coercion of health-care facilities to require The Vax of all their employees (Medicare/Medicaid money, remember?) and the coercion of other US businesses for the same purpose.

What does 'coercion' have to do with bobo?  Ask Toynbee:

 ...The piper who has lost his cunning can no longer conjure the feet of the multitude into a dance; and if, in a rage and panic, he now attempts to convert himself into a drill-sergeant or a slave-driver, and to coerce by physical force a people that he can no longer lead by his old magnetic charm, then all the more surely and swiftly he defeats his own intention; for the followers who had merely flagged and fallen out of step as the heavenly music died away will be stung by a touch of the whip into active rebellion.”...

"Two weeks to flatten the curve" has lost its 'heavenly music'; the multitude is no longer dancing to that tune, or any of the rest of the lies.


Mar said...

Gee, why didn't the Pentagon do the same thing while President Trump was in office?
And what is the Pentagon going to do? Withhold their pensions for speaking up.
Yeah, that won't go anywhere except in Obama's judge's courts.

MmeScherzo said...

Parvenu gourmandizing is such a Bobo way of saying Gluttonous Pigs.

Dad29 said...

Side-note to Mme. Scherzo: personally, I prefer largo. No disrespect!